Giving Back


A percentage of all jewelry sales goes towards these few programs that mean so much to me. I hope to add more programs to the list though time. 


Adopt an Elder Program - Twice a year, I donate a food and household supply box to the Navajo (Dine) Nation for my adopted elder, Martha Schultz. I also donate traditionally dyed wool yarn to Martha. She is a weaver and I do not want economic stressors to keep her from carrying out and passing on the traditional Dine weaving techniques. Through this program, I also exchange written letters with Martha and plan to visit the Dine Nation in the fall of this year and deliver my food box personally to Martha.

Idle No More - is a grassroots program fighting climate injustice on indigenous land. This is a peaceful movement focused on preserving and restoring the land and water as well as standing up for indigenous sovereignty. The government has relocated and degraded native peoples since Colonization and are still trying to pass laws so that reserve lands can also be bought and sold by big companies for profit from resources. This imperial attitude of the government has been devastating to Native Peoples who care the most for our Earth and all its inhabitants. It must be stopped. 

Honor the Earth - is a grassroots program aimed to create awareness for current Native environmental issues and the survival of sustainable Native communities. Honor the Earth and founder Winona LaDuke have organized art, social media, and Indigenous wisdom to help give a louder voice to tribal nations. Hopefully through native action, more will recognize the necessity of compassion for Indigenous land and health our joint dependency on the Earth. 








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