About Us

I am a full time jewelry maker and mineral physics PhD student based in Chicago. I began making jewelry in the Fall of 2015 and quickly become addicted to the creative outlet that silversmithing supplies as a stressed graduate student.

I initially wanted to make jewelry after a class on indigenous rites and culture exposed me to the evolution and purpose of indigenous crafts. I specifically read and followed the dissemination of silversmithing from one Mexican Native American man to a Navajo man, Atsidi Sani, and then to the rest of the Navajo or Dine Nation in the late 1800's. The Navajo's use of their environment as a studio and material inventory for casting and soldering silver and turquoise jewelry demonstrates a dexterity that I strive to learn from. My love for silversmithing is just one manifestation of my fascination with the indigenous artistry that survived the hardships in colonial America. My work is made with respect for Navajo silversmithing, but it is NOT meant to be sold or referred to as Navajo.

Kadath Silver Jewelry is made with a great appreciation for the natural and human environment that I experience in eclectic Chicago.  My jewelry is meant to be worn by anyone and everyone. All Power to the People!